As Trisha and Linda's new project, Dark-Eyed Dog, is being born, feel free to wander through this original project, founded with Mr. Jeb Lewis, The West Marginals.

Back around the turn of the 21st century, Trisha, Jeb, and Linda met while working at Hugo House in Seattle and started playing music. Over the next decade, we played some shows and made some recordings.

Sadly, our Jeb eventually moved out east to Philly, so our everyday band-ness was interrupted. But we still did some long-distance work, and he even flew out for some recording and a show or two, including performing as part of Sherman Alexie's packed-house variety show at 2008's Bumbershoot (check out our lovely one-line mention! (among other info about that sweet event)).

We, Dark-Eyed Dog and/or West Marginals, hope to schedule some full-on shows sometime soon. Because we miss YOU.

Downloadable tracks are here! Knock yourself out. And thanks, Ray, for getting the original demo tracks all ship-shape.

Photos! Thanks to a couple pals, we have some photos posted from our very first 9 lb Hammer show and from Folklife.

Feel free to holler at us for more info about any upcoming stuff (this email still works as long as it's posted here): band at westmarginals dot com.








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